Formerly Caprese Pizza & Grill
Pepi's Pizzeria For classic thin crust pizzas, Mediterranean style, come to Pepi's Pizzeria in Sommerville, MA. We use the fresh ingredients and pride ourselves on taste. We have a full menu of Italian appetizers and entrees. But pizza is what we do best! Try our “Florentina Pizza” with salami, spinach, olives and oregano or the “Del Mare Pizza” made with shrimp, Alfredo sauce, tomatoes and garlic. Our “Steak Bomb Pizza” is packed with steak, pepperoni, mushrooms, salami, onions, peppers and the “Leonardo Da Veggie Pizza” topped with artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, caramelized onions are just some of the pizzas we’ve created in our kitchen. Delivery and catering are available. Order online. $12.00 minimum order on deliveries. Order Online Payment Options